Crossing Bridges

Crossing Bridges – SHAD and FIRST Robotics by Kim Nguyen “FIRST” things first… did you get my lame joke? As comedic as I believe I am, let me give you a proper introduction. Hello! My name is Kim Nguyen, I am an International Baccalaureate (IB) Student enrolled at Glenforest Secondary School in Mississauga, Ontario and I have been involved in

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Allies Advance Ideas and Innovation

by Kouthar Waled, FRC Team 772 — the Sabre Bytes Every year, there are more girls joining FIRST Robotics teams. There are still struggles, however, that females face when joining and participating in these teams. Females on teams are more likely to report not being taken seriously in discussions and when working on the robot, and are more likely not

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The Math Guru – Vanessa Vakharia

FIRST Robotics Canada interviewed Vanessa Vakharia, The Math Guru, 2016 participant on Canada’s Smartest person, and one of today’s most notable young entrepreneurs. She had some very inspiring things to say about how she started to love MATH! FIRST Robotics Canada: How did you become The Math Guru? Vanessa: How did I become The Math Guru…what a question! Honestly, the truth is

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