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Virtual Summer Programs

FIRST Canada is a proud long term partner of the Ontario Ministry of Education.  Over the past eight years FIRST Canada has created STEM programs, events, and training for over 100,000 students and teachers in Ontario. Our 2021 summer camps create learning opportunities that build the collaboration and problem-solving skills needed for a lifetime of learning and working.  The camps will engage students in STEM based activities to address the learning loss experienced due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemiche learning loss are delivered in a virtual environment and appeal to all types of learners as they combine structured and guided inquiry with student-centered technology and true interdisciplinary instruction. Students are immersed in a collaborative experience, seeking to answer questions through discovery and experimentation. Ready to explore our STEM programs this summer!

FIRST Canada Virtual Summer Camp for Ages 9 to 15

Virtual Summer CampsThe FIRST Canada Virtual Summer Camps are weeklong robotics and coding camps grounded in fundamentals of problem solving, Gracious Professionalism, and fun! More specifically our camps are about…

  •  Block Coding 
  • Problem Solving
  • Gracious Professionalism
  • Robotics

Code with FIRST Canada - One Hour Online Sessions for Ages 10-15

FTC SimWhat you will learn: Coding FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) Blocks in a simulated FIRSTTech Challenge programming environment.  Start with the basics and move your way up through increasingly difficult challenges!  Good luck, and have fun! FTC SIM is dynamic and has been curated and refined by seasoned industry specialists along with an internal technology team to learn the basics of programming on “standard” pre-designed FTC robots.

CodeAble One Hour Coding Sessions for Ages 6 to 9

Yellow Lego HeadChildren can learn about logic, structure, sequence and creative expression!  Join us for a 60-minute Workshop to give kids a taste of what coding and programming are all about! They will be able to share what they have created with friends and family and explore more at home. All virtual workshops will be led by 2 or more live instructors from the world of FIRST Robotics Canada and Gracious Professionalism as well as equity, inclusion and diversity will be at the heart of all sessions. Children will learn logic, structure, creative thinking, sequencing, algorithmic thinking, programming languages such as Java in FTC SIM.

Coding with FIRST Canada and Studica Summer Camps for Ages 12 to 14

Picture of Robot for Coding Camp Students will be provided with a robot kit that they will transform into their own fully operational robot by the end of the session that performs some basic tasks. Students will be able to drive and code these robots. For students in grades 9 to 12 

FIRST Robotics Competition Team Run Summer Camps

Team Run Summer Camps FIRST Canada will be soliciting applications from Ontario FRC teams to run FIRST based week-long (5 hours per week) summer camps of their creation in their communities.  This will ensure a broad reach across Ontario. FIRST Canada will use our recently developed Opportunity Index and work with the FRC teams to ensure that targeted underserved communities are engaged and benefiting from our programs. Selected teams will be provided with $1000 for each week-long camp session that they run.

FIRST Canada Instructs

FTC Classroom Workshop for Teachers with Students Ages 9 to 13

FIRST Canada FTC SIM Classroom Workshops includes:

  • free one hour of virtual in-class guided instruction from a FIRST Canada Staff
  • available for booking on Thursday afternoon
  • introduces students in Grade 4 to Grade 8 to basic programming in a simulated FIRST Tech Challenge Blocks programming environment
  • provides scaffolding for teachers to develop skills following workshop
FRC Team run camps

FIRST Canada Summer Institute