• What is the theme?
      • The theme will be released at the event. Stay tuned! 
  • Do I need to know how to code? 
      • Not at all! You can create any project you’d like, using any platform. What is required, however, is a keen interest in STEM and a positive attitude!
  • What if I don’t have a group?
      • No need to worry at all! We will pair individuals into teams. It’ll be a great opportunity to improve your communication skills while making new connections with like-minded individuals!
  • Will there be prizes?
      • Yes! There will be various prizes given including some FIRST Canada swag by Swaggy P! 
  • Will I need to have an internet connection for the whole 24 hours? 
      • Based on your accessibility, we recommend creating a schedule to help manage everyone’s time to determine when participants will need to be online vs. offline.  Mentors are also available to help guide you through. 
  • What if I don’t want to pitch my project?
      • All participants must participate in the presentation of their pitch; it is mandatory. You might think your project isn’t impressive or it might be incomplete however, you should be confident in presenting it regardless! It’s still important to have fun, make memories and have the night of your life. Presenting your project gives you a chance to be proud of what you’ve done!
  • Do we need to find mentors for our team?
    • No, each team will be assigned a mentor. In addition, you’ll have access to all mentors in case you need some specific advice. Bios for the mentors will be provided, as well as a list of topics that they specialize in. Your team mentor can also give the judges a 30-60 second hype speech, telling them why you and your project are so awesome.