Mobile Alumni Crew

FIRST Robotics Canada is excited to launch the new Mobile Alumni Crew (“MAC”) program in partnership with the Argosy Foundation.

This pilot project will create Mobile Crews of FIRST experts who are made up of experienced FIRST Alumni. These crews will respond to inquiries from FIRST Community Mentors who reach out for assistance. 

How to get help from the Mobile Alumni Crew

Get to Know your Mobile Alumni Crew

Brian Wagg

Team 3739

Erika Narimatsu

Team 771

Jaeleen Koscielski

Team 772

Joel Koscielski

Team 772

Katlin Walsh

Team 1334/1374

Malavya Shah

Team 1241

Marie Jolicoeur-Becotte

Team 771

Rebecca Rayner

Team 1334

Sam Thompson

Team 1334, 4476, 1360

Thomas Steele

Team 3739

Want to be part of the Mobile Alumni Crew!

The Mobile Alumni Crew will respond to inquiries from FIRST Community Mentors who reach out for assistance. Alumni members will receive financial compensation for expenses incurred as a result of travel to and from locations where mentors and teams are in need. FIRST Robotics Canada will present MAC members with certificates of recognition to participating Alumni each year. Support will be provided to new mentors with a primary focus directed but not limited to, FIRST Robotics Competition and FIRST Tech Challenge  mentors. 

Required Experience – MAC members must have experience in one or more of the following
FIRST Robotics Competition and FIRST Tech Challenge  areas: Programming – Electrical – Mechanical – Team Management & Sustainability

If you feel that you have the passion and required experience to be a part of the MAC team, please complete this application and send to Regional Director –