Girl with a FIRST Sweatshirt with long brown hair

Jaeleen is currently working as a Technical Project and Sustainability Coordinator at Atlantic Industries Limited. She graduated from the Science and Business program with minors in Economics and Earth Sciences at the University of Waterloo in 2020. She also completed a Sustainability Diploma in 2020 to supplement her degree. Fun Fact: Jaeleen competed for the Varsity Figure Skating Team for the Waterloo Warriors all 5 years she attended school there! Jaeleen is an alum and now a mentor of FRC Team 772, the Sabre Bytes and was previously the Lead Mentor of FRC Team 5092 the Titanium Tigers. Jaeleen has been involved with FIRST since 2006 and has been a volunteer since 2013. You will often see her at events as an event manager or Ambassador Coordinator. In her spare time, Jaeleen enjoys living a zero-waste lifestyle, working out, travelling, and being outdoors.

Shifa is a graduate of the Master of Arts program at Wilfrid Laurier University in Religion, Culture and Global Justice. She is a founding member of a new knowledge-mobilization platform "The Decolonized Library Project", as well as a researcher for Dr. Jasmine Zine's Canadian Islamophobia Industry Research Group and research assistant for Harvard University's Project on Shi'ism and Global Affairs at the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs. Shifa has had a career in nonprofit, starting with an internship at a USAID project in Djibouti as a Gender Equity Officer, and then as a Global Coordinator for an international medical NGO. Shifa will be joining CAIR, a nonprofit, grassroots civil rights and advocacy, and America’s largest Muslim civil liberties organization, as its Cleveland chapter's Executive Director in June 2022. Shifa is also an Ontario- and New York State- certified high school science and math teacher and tutor and has experience in youth engagement and mentoring, international development and nonprofit, and graduate research work.

Shelby Servant is a FIRST alumni and currently works for 3M, a multinational leader in industrial & consumer manufacturing. She is the subject matter expert for 3M Canada Product Quality, specializing in customer issue resolution and data analysis, and acts as a key resource for strategic project deployments across the United States and Canada. Her dedication to facilitating effective, collaborative, and proactive solutions has earned her various opportunities and global recognition, including the 2017 3M Canada Quality Excellence award. Shelby has had the pleasure of being a FIRST mentor and volunteer since 2014 and is continually inspired and motivated, both personally and professionally, by the FIRST community. Shelby holds a BA in Criminology and Sociology from Western University.engagement and mentoring, international development and nonprofit, and graduate research work.