Student Council


by Erica Rossi, Girls in STEM Student Council Chair

The FIRST Canada Girls in STEM Student Advisory Council was created to help give girls a voice and a community in the STEM fields and on FIRST teams. Our mission is to help bridge the gap between boys and girls while developing strategies and initiatives that will aid in overcoming challenges and promote diversity in STEM. This is done through encouraging equality, diversity and inclusivity in all that we do. Our council is working on encouraging cooperation, communication, and teamwork between boys and girls by providing girls with tools to speak up for themselves and by encouraging boys to be male champions and allies in our quest for equality. Our end goal is to have all members of FRC teams, and STEM participants view each other as equals.

Our council in its second year is made up of 13 passionate, enthusiastic, determined girls spanning the grades of 9-12. The makeup of our council allows us to have a diverse group of opinions, perspectives and experiences with our members coming from community, school and all girls teams all with varying levels of FIRST experience. Our members all have a common goal, STEM equality for all, and we are determined to make a difference.

I have the privilege this year to be the Student Chair for the Girls in STEM Student Advisory Council and am so proud of how far our council has come over the past year. This year’s council is ready to create change and the sky is truly the limit with these girls.

Last year’s Girls in STEM Student Council (2017-2018)

On the council this year, we have returning members, our Student Chair Erica Rossi (me!) from FRC 5885, Alexandra Hon from FRC 771, Mehakdeep Khela from FRC 4814, Madison Vickery from FRC 6875, and Ishra Aroni from FRC 4946. Our new (but just as amazing) members are Izzy Cossarin from FRC 4946, Rohma Daud from FRC 1075, Mehak Dhaliwal from FRC 4939, Andrea Farias from FRC 4343, Maria Muiruri from FRC 7013, Alicia Pan from FRC 6070 Rajosree Paul from FRC 5036 and Shahed Saleh from FRC 4039.

This year our goal is to work with and impact as many students in FIRST as possible and we hope that we can inspire you, yes you reading this, to believe that no matter who you are, how old you are, or what experiences you have, you can make a difference and be a part of creating change.

For more information about the Girls in STEM Student Council, click here.