HUBS – Team 772


Sandwich Secondary School

7050 Malden Road

LaSalle, Ontario, Canada N9J 2T5


Monday – Thursday: 2:30 pm- 6pm

Friday: 2:30 pm – approximately 6-9 pm

Saturday: 10am – 4pm

Sunday: As Scheduled

More times available upon request.

Team Contacts

Lee Awad

519-734- 1237


Kick Off  (Jan 6, 2018)
We look forward to seeing all teams at Kick-Off at St. Clair College. Quick Build to
follow for those interested. We will be there to work with teams at Quick Build. Strategy
session available for those who are interested.

Mechanical/ Design
From prototyping to actual build we use autocad software. Our engineering mentors as well as experienced students can provide data and explanations about systems being used on your robots such as motorized mechanisms and gear boxes. They can explain formulas used to determine appropriate gear ratios needed to control things such as speed and torque

We can help you with the fabrication of your robot. We can assist you to create parts for you
and we will help your team to help your team, work through all parts needed to build your

We have many alumni, students as well as industry mentors willing to help with the electrical
installation and programming of your robot. We can not only help with Java and C++ but help troubleshoot any issues that come up.

Help develop autonomous programming.

Show how to incorporate sensors and pneumatic systems.

Our business side of the team would be happy to show teams how we run our team from
structure to event management to food schedules.
Explaining how to put together sponsorship packages for approaching new companies for
funding and ideas on how to raise funds

Our team can help you put together a sponsorship presentation to attract and sustain

We can help your team to leverage resources such as parents and members in the
community to make your team run smoother.


We would be happy to review any award submissions and provide you with feedback to help
strengthen ideas, get your outline started, provide you with presentation support and
everything else you need to put together an awards submission