FIRST Tech Challenge Team Costs and Grants

Team Sample Budget APPROX. $1740 USD

Competitive Team

  • Registration Fee $275 USD
  • Maximum 2-15 students in a team (max. 10 recommended)

In the FIRST Tech Challenge Storefront, teams will have several options for purchase, including either a REV or TETRIX Competition set. The options are outlined in the Kit of Parts Options document below. You can also find more information about the two kits in our REV and TETRIX Bill of Materials. Teams will also be able to select a Electronics Modules and Sensors Set and a Control Communications Set.

Class Pack Sample Budget approx. $3800 USD

Competitive Team Registration Costs:

  • Registration Fee $695 USD
  • Up to 30 students in a team
  • REV Robotics Education Kit $619 USD  ($3095 USD – 5 kits: Recommended 1 kit per 3 students)
  • REV Robotics Education Robot Upgrade Kit – $289 (optional cost for one class team to compete)


Ontario Grants

Please note that once you apply for the grant below, FIRST Canada will get back to you on the approval.

Amount of Grant: $1000 CAD.

  • First Year Team Grants ($1000) 
  • Returning Year Team Grants ($1000) 


  • A limited number of Ontario grants are available on a first come, first served basis to new and returning teams with a paid registration for the 2020-2021 season.


For any questions on FIRST Tech Challenge Program, contact