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About the FIRST Tech Challenge Simulator (FTC SIM) Classroom Workshop

FIRST Canada FTC SIM Classroom Workshops includes:

  • free one hour of virtual in-class guided instruction from a FIRST Canada Staff
  • available for booking on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday afternoon
  • introduces students in Grade 4 to Grade 8 to basic programming in a simulated FIRST Tech Challenge Blocks programming environment
  • provides scaffolding for teachers to develop skills following workshop

Program Requirements

  • Each child needs access to a laptop or tablet
  • Internet access

About the FIRST TECH Challenge Simulator (FTC SIM)

The FIRST Canada FTC SIM is software designed for teachers, coaches, students, and team members to learn the basics of programming in FIRST Tech Challenge Blocks in a simulated FIRST Tech Challenge Blocks programming environment.

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What experience do your students have with coding

Dates and Times

Our workshops are 60 minutes in length held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoon. Please choose two dates that you would potentially like to book below. Please note we will confirm your date and time via Email.

General Information

Please confirm that students will be working on their own devices.(Required)
Please let us know if you would like us to set up the Zoom link for the workshop or if your Board has a preferred method of video conferencing?(Required)