There are costs involved with forming a FIRST Robotics Competition team and they can vary from team to team and region to region depending on what level of participation the team chooses. Click here to view basic team costs and read below to view registration costs.

After registering as normal at without paying any fees, Ontario FRC teams will be issued an invoice for the net balance your team owes for registration.  This invoice will show the balance of what is owing based on veteran/rookie team registration fees and will show any team grants that have been applied to your account.  The amount of team registration is as follows:

Ontario Veteran FRC team – $7,500 CAN
Ontario Rookie FRC team – $8,500 CAN – $2,000 CAN Ontario Provincial grant = $6,500 CAN

Note that a 3rd district event on top of the two events included in the registration costs above will cost an additional $1,300 CAN for Ontario District teams and $1,000 USD for US based district teams.  Payments will be made directly to FIRST Robotics Canada.

Payments must be made in Canadian dollars to FIRST Robotics Canada by November 30, 2019.   Should your team receive additional grants after the November 15th billing date, cheques will be issued to your team directly.

For Ontario teams that play an additional regional event (as opposed to an additional district event as described above) or qualify for FIRST Championships, the fees will also be paid directly to FIRST Headquarters.   The costs for these events are $4000 USD and $5000 USD respectively.  Please call 1-800-871-8326 and ask for the finance department to process these payments should they apply to your team.

For Ontario FIRST Robotics Competition teams that qualify for Ontario Provincial championship, the payment will be due to FIRST Canada upon knowledge of qualification on April 6, 2020.  Championship Cost is CAD $5,000. FIRST Robotics Canada will subsidize teams CAD $1,250. Total Payable to FIRST Canada is CAD $3,750.00. Teams will need to pay FIRST Canada this fee before the District Championship event April 8-11, 2020.  We realize that this is a very tight turn around time.

World Championships

Registration payments and fees for World Championships will be paid directly to FIRST Headquarters upon team qualification. Find out more information here.

Acceptable payment methods:

  • Credit Card –   Click the link on your invoice that states “Pay with Credit Card” and credit card information will need to be provided in the following screen.
  • Cheque – Cheques to be made payable to FIRST Robotics Canada.  Please indicate your team number and that the payment is for registration in the memo section of the cheque and send it to FIRST Robotics Canada’s post office box at:

P.O. Box 518
Pickering Main,
Pickering, ON

  • Purchase Order (School Boards Only) – E-mail the purchase order to Net 30 payment terms apply. Purchase orders are accepted only from school boards.

If you require more information about registering or applying grants to registration fees, contact John Hobbins at