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Venue and Parking


The event will held at the David Braley Athletic Centre on campus. The main competition will be held in the Burridge Gym.

A printable map with relevant event locations can be found here.

David Braley Athletic Centre (DBAC)
1280 Main Street West
Hamilton, ON
L8S 4E8


McMaster University Parking Services is pleased to offer our FIRST Robotics Canada guests a significantly discounted rate for parking during the three days of the FIRST Robotics Ontario District McMaster Event taking place from Friday, March 31st through to Sunday, April 2nd.

Visitor passes will be on sale from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. for $3 (one-day pass); $6 (two-day pass); and $9 (three-day pass).  Please purchase these special visitor passes from one of our Parking Services staff members who will be located in the Ivor Wynne Centre – (entrance to the Competition Field in the Burridge Gymnasium).  If you purchase this special visitor pass, as a FIRST Robotics Canada special guest, you will be entitled to unlimited entry and exit for the duration of the day(s) for which you purchased your pass.

Visitor Parking Instructions:

Visitor parking is available in Lots B, C, D, G, H, Stadium Underground, I, M and P. Locations of these parking lots can be found on this map.

  1. When you come to campus, proceed towards the lot in which you want to park.
  2. Electronic signage installed outside the entrance to the lots will indicate the availability of spaces for visitors in the lot.
  3. If the LED indicator for visitors reads ‘OPEN’ you may proceed to the entry gate. If the LED indicator for visitors reads ‘FULL’ you must find an alternate lot. If this is the case the entry station will not ISSUE you a ticket.
  4. Entering the lot: drive up to and stop in front of the gate. The entry station will be activated as soon as it senses your vehicle. Touch the black button surrounded by flashing lights directly below the screen.  Wait for ticket to print. Once you remove the ticket, the gate arm will go up and you are free to park in any open non reserved space in the lot.
  5. Take the ticket with you. 
  6. Proceed to the David Braley Athletic Centre (DBAC)/Ivor Wynne Centre (IWC) – Mezzanine (entrance to the Competition Field in the Burridge Gym) and present your ticket to the Parking Services staff, and purchase your visitor pass for one, two, or three days.

Team Load-In

  • Teams May Load-in any time from 2:30pm to 4:30pm on March 31st, with pits opening at 4:30. Click on the link above for the full schedule.
  • Load in will be on a first come first serve basis. Each team MUST bring a maximum 5 team representatives (1 must be an adult) to off load your trailer/car and take items to PIT
  • Pack for quick load/unload – large bins/NO loose items, bring dollies to help you transport your items.
  • CHECK IN with load in crew by the doors, that you have arrived.  You can check in your team at Pit Admin after 4:30 when pits open.  You can set up your pit and get organized.  Once pits open at 4:30, you can work on your robot and get it inspected to prepare to participate in filler matches, once the field is up and running.  They will announce when that happens. 

Volunteer Check-In

When you arrive at the event there will be a Volunteer Check-In Desk for you to meet the Volunteer Coordinator to welcome you and give you supplementary information to the emails you have received from them. You will also receive your Volunteer T-shirt and anything else you need specific to your role. They will give you instructions on where the Volunteer Lounge is located and who you will be reporting to for the event and receive any further training from. Finally, we wanted to inform all our volunteers that masks are mandatory for all attendees at any in-person indoor FIRST Robotics Canada events held in Ontario. You can view our full COVID policy here if you require more information.

Twitch Channels

 McMaster University District Event    
 Apr 1: Day 1Apr 2: Day 2    
Main FeedFIRSTontario1FIRSTcanada www.twitch.tv/FIRSTontario1 
Full Field FeedFIRSTontario2FIRSTontario2 www.twitch.tv/FIRSTontario2