We’re doing our best, like all of you, to stay up to date on the rapidly evolving impacts of the pandemic while planning for the future. Please find a list of FAQ’s that we hope you will find helpful. You can also reach out to Annika Pint: annika.pint@firstroboticscanada.org if you have any further questions.

Q: How can teams meet and collaborate in a safe way during the 2020-21 season?
A: Please make sure you visit our site and find information here.

Q: What training is available to bring FIRST LEGO League Challenge to my classroom or information on how to create a team?
A: Teacher, Mentor, Coaches Training is being offered on August 26, 2020 @ 11:00 am.  Click here to register. If you have missed this date and have questions, please feel free to reach out to Annika Pint at annika.pint@firstroboticscanada.org

Q: What are the costs for the FIRST LEGO League Challenge Program?
A: You have 3 options to be part of the FIRST LEGO League Challenge Programs:
– create your team
– bring FIRST LEGO League Challenge to all students in your classroom
– bring FIRST LEGO League Challenge to your entire school
Please click here to get more information on costing and how to start.

Q: When will qualifiers take place?
A: January 23 – February 13.

Q: What will take place in the fall if qualifiers are happening in Jan/Feb?
A: Practice events in which teams can choose whether to participate in the project, robot or both components. Judging will take place from November 30 – December 4, with the main event, including opening ceremonies, broadcasting pre-recorded robot matches, project spotlight presentations and closing & awards ceremonies, occurring on December 5.

Q: Will qualifiers be in-person, remote or hybrid?
A: Qualifiers will be Remote. This will be safer, provide a more relaxed judging schedule, reduce expenses, travel and stress for teams, avoid interruptions resulting from travel restrictions or restrictions on gathering. 

Q: How will teams be assigned to/select events?
A: Team will be assigned to events on a first come, first served basis, based on preferred dates.

Q: When will provincials take place?
A: Provincials are currently planned to take place April 2021 and will be based on public health regulations.

Q: Will there still be an East and West division ?
A: East and West divisions are currently being planned for and will depend on number of teams that register/compete at regional qualifiers.

Q: If remote, will judging sessions be pre-recorded or live?
A: Judging sessions will be conducted live through remote conferencing software to more closely recreate the judging experience for teams.

Q: If remote, will matches be pre-recorded or live?
A: Matches will be pre-recorded and replayed and scored during the remote event. 

Q: How can teams collaborate in a safe way to prepare for remote events?
A: Please make sure you visit our site and find information here on Guidance for COVID-19 Interruptions