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Build it Challenge 2021

Weekly Challenges

Week 2 Challenges

Challenge #6
Found Sounds

Musical Instruments

Build something that makes a sound and play a tune or rhythm

Challenge #7
Home Sweet Home

Build your dream house

Challenge #8
Holiday Fun

Earth planet umbrealla ocean

Build a place you want to visit

Challenge #9
Day of Significance

Whale ,homeless people, dogs, trees, recycling

Develop a product that promotes an organization or cause that is important to you

Challenge #10
Invention Convention

Build your own invention and name it

Week 1 Challenges

Challenge #1
Play Away

Build a Playground 

Challenge #2

Build your favourite monument

Challenge #3
Monster Maker

Make the wildest creature you can think of

Challenge #4
In the Dog House

Build a home for your favourite animal

Challenge #5
Floating Frenzy

Build something that floats