FIRST Canada Live

Want to host a session on #FIRSTCanadaLive!
Here are the guidelines for Grants and Team Hosting Information for Participation 

To qualify for this grant from FIRST Robotics Canada, you/your team must fill out the following application and be a part of either a  FIRST Tech Challenge or FIRST Robotics Competition team in Canada. All grant recipients must create and participate in an online presentation in a determined time period outlined by FIRST Canada staff. No gatherings when presenting, hosting or listening. If you have multiple presenters, they can each logon from separate spaces and computers.  All teams must adhere to local guidelines regarding Social Distancing!  A FIRST Canada Grant Committee member will be in touch to let you know if your team has been selected. 

Good luck! 


Hosting Guidelines

  1. No gatherings when presenting, hosting or attending
  2. If you have multiple presenters, they can each logon from separate spaces and computers
  3. All teams must adhere to local guidelines regarding Social Distancing! The online presentation must be done from a personal laptop or desktop (not a phone)
  4. Ensure you have a strong internet connection, use WIFI instead of a phone connection or hot spot 
  5. Ensure you are in a quiet space with limited or no background noise.
  6. A headset with a microphone is highly recommended
  7. Presentations should be no more than 20 minutes with a 10 minute question and answer period at the end of the segment. 
  8. The presentation doesn’t need to be as fully structured as a Chairman’s Presentation, as the show host will be asking questions to help guide the discussion. However, there must be a clear outline of the structure of the content you wish to cover.
  9. Topics can include: 
    • Robot Reveal- Teams can show videos, pictures and provide an explanation of their robot. The segment must briefly highlight an aspect of coding/ programming. 
    • Outreach discussion 
    • Tutorial 
  10. If sharing previously-existing videos and photos, ensure you are aware of how to link/connect to your presentation. There is no need to film new videos for this initiative.
  11. If teams are on social media, please use the hashtag #FIRSTCanadaLIVE before, during and after your presentation to raise awareness. Example of social media posts from teams:“Team XXXX is excited to be showcasing our team on #FIRSTCanadaLIVE!

Check us out today at 12 pm EST on #FIRSTCanadaLive where we talk about our 2020 Robot. Calendar coming soon!”

Watch our tutorial on how to effectively work as a team today at noon on #FIRSTCanadaLive

Considerations when hosting/going live:

  1. Use Plenty of Light
  2. Use a Clean/Solid Background
  3. Prioritize Crisp, Clear Audio
  4. Avoid Shaky Footage
  5. Remember you are on camera at all times
  6. Plan/Queue any videos that you want to upload in advance