The Virtual Robotic Tool Kit

The Virtual Robotics Toolkit (VRT) is a robotics simulation software that allows you to design, build and program virtual LEGO Mindstorms creations, without the need for a physical robot.

Go beyond paper mats and household props!
The Virtual Robotics Toolkit comes equipped with several sample projects to get you started, a number of competition mats to hone your skills, and even provides the tools to change the physics engine itself. Have you ever wanted to see what would happen to your robot in the weightlessness of space? Now you can!

Never again disassemble something that you worked so hard on. The Virtual Robotics Toolkit lets you store your creations as files that live on your computer, making it easy to come back to a project at a later date.

Getting Started

Step 1

Download, install and activate the Virtual Robotics Toolkit (VRT), free of charge, by clicking on the button below and using the activation key 4745-6942-2398-0758

Step 2 

So that you can program your virtual robots, please download and install the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Lab software,  free of charge, by clicking on the button below.
By clicking download, you agree to the FIRST Robotics Canada EULA.

Step 3 

So that you can build and import your own virtual robots, please download and install the LEGO Digital Designer (LDD) software, free of charge, by clicking on the button below.

Step 4

Learn how to use the Virtual Robotics Toolkit and the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 programming software by exploring the user guide and video tutorials at the links below:

*Please contact for large installations.

FREE Classroom Coding Workshops 

FIRST Canada is offering free, one-hour introductory coding workshops on Thursday afternoons for classes of grade 4 – 8 students, along with teacher resources and follow-up activities that your students can complete after the workshop. Led by a FIRST Canada facilitator, your students will learn to program and test the performance of virtual robots in a simulated environment, without the need for physical equipment or space for testing. Register for one of these engaging and interactive workshops or  start right away by following the instructions at this LINK