Unbound Curiosity: An Interview with RBC’s Ingrid Versnel

by Shahed Saleh, FIRST Team 4903 and Girls in STEM Student Advisory Council Member   The true beauty of the human mind is its seemingly boundless ability to learn. When facing adversity with an open mind, it can gain any skill, concur challenges, and develop stronger strategies to add to its arsenal of knowledge. A key catalyst for this is a simple

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Knowing the Difference Between Cooperation and Compliance

by Madison Vickery, FIRST Team 6875 and Girls in STEM Student Advisory Council Member When working as a team, we often find ourselves discussing possible options, actions, and solutions with people who have conflicting opinions. If handled appropriately, conflict can stimulate progressive discussions and bring about positive change. One solution to conflict is to compromise by cooperating with one another

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The Journey of a Champion: An Interview with Aecon’s Sangeetha Vigneswaran

by Shahed Saleh, FIRST Team 4903 and Girls in STEM Student Advisory Council Member As a senior student in my last year of high school, society tasks me with the daunting decision of determining what it is I wish to do, but more importantly, what impact I want to make with my career. My seventeen years of life have not

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FIRST Alumna to Participate in Rocket Launch

  While students within FIRST programs are excitedly preparing for a space launch in 2019, FIRST Alumna Megan Gran is getting ready for a real live space launch in Norway next year! Megan is from FIRST team 4069, Lo-Ellen Robotics, from Sudbury, Ontario.   Check out how she got involved in space engineering at York’s Lassonde School of Engineering and

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Girls in STEM: Love From A Father

  by Andrea Farias, FIRST Team 4343 and Girls in STEM Student Advisory Council Member   When you think of people who inspire and promote women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), who comes to mind? Most often it’s women role models and champions of girls in STEM. I would like us to recognize the importance of men in this

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Mentorship: The Guiding Star – An Interview with Emily Chung

by Alicia Pan, FIRST Team 6070 and Girls in STEM Student Council Member Upon entering the “real world”, it becomes apparent that there are no set answers that somebody else can provide for us regarding career choices. We each have to forge our own path in our own way. So when the race is something as daunting as gradually shaping

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Introducing the 2018-2019 Girls in STEM Student Advisory Council

  by Erica Rossi, Girls in STEM Student Council Chair The FIRST Canada Girls in STEM Student Advisory Council was created to help give girls a voice and a community in the STEM fields and on FIRST teams. Our mission is to help bridge the gap between boys and girls while developing strategies and initiatives that will aid in overcoming challenges

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Humber College to host FIRST Robotics Competition in 2019

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A Weekend Up North with the Girls… and some Robots

General Motors Canada’s Stephanie Thompson is our guest blogger this week! Stephanie is a Senior Engineer at GM’s St. Catharines Propulsion Plant, and has been a technical mentor and volunteer with FIRST Robotics Canada for 13 years. Take it away, Stephanie! 32 robot teams. 100 high school girls. 165 minutes of connecting. 990,000 seconds of fun. On May 26th and

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Microsoft Team of the Week – Team 6485

  Thank you to Microsoft for supporting FIRST Robotics Competition! Throughout the FRC season, we will get to know Microsoft-sponsored teams. This week we talked to FIRST team 6485, Mecha Mustangs from L.A. Matheson Secondary School in Surrey, British Columbia. 1. What makes your team unique? Team 6485: Our team is unique for several reasons. Our high school is classified as an

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