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Community-Based Teams Suggested Best Practices Teams 1305, 1334, 4476, and 4814 2013
Tutorials on Technical Aspects of Building a Robot Ian W. from Team 2374 Fall 2012
2012 Game Description FIRST Robotics HQ Winter 2011
2011 Logomotion Game Rules/Manual (Complete) FIRST Robotics HQ Winter 2011
Omnidirectional Drive Systems Ian Mackenzie Spring 2006
Continuous Improvement Process Chris Fultz Winter 2005
Swerve Implementation Presentation Team 234 Winter 2010
Effective FIRST Strategies Karthik Kanagasabapthy Spring 2009
Mobility Workshop Ian Mackenzie Fall 2010
Reversible Bumpers Whitepaper Team 2809 Winter 2011
SHSM Team 1241 June 2011
Knowing the A’s, B’s, and C++s: C++ programming for FIRST robotics Omar Zrien, Team 3539 Spring 2013
The Business of FIRST: Fundraising, Sponsorship, and the Chairman’s Award Michael Graham, Team 1718 Spring 2013
Quality Function Deployment, QFD: Using a quality system to build success into your design after kickoff Ron Weber, Team 3641 Spring 2013
Know your opponent: Learn how scout FRC competitions Jim Zondag and Isaac Rife, Team 33 Spring 2013
FIRST Design: Effective mechanical mechanisms for FIRST Paul Copioli, Team 217 Spring 2013
One Good Turn Deserves Another Chris Hibner, Team 51 Spring 2013
610 Design Tutorials Ryan Tam, Team 610 January 2014

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